I am documenting my learning journey to be able to capture the state of issue around news, media and information literacy at this moment in time. It is an increasingly important topic as a global citizen. A topic around literacies (the ability to read, write and being able to express ideas and communicate effectively) that […]

As I am reading more books outside of the educational arena, but still wear my “documenting hat”, I am re-assured that documenting is highly valued outside of schools as well. A significant part of my running journey is the documentation of my learning along the way. The documentation via images and text on Instagram, has helped me reflect on […]

Two weeks ago, I reached a personal goal of mine: Finishing a half marathon run! After I set my goal and signed up for the 21K (13.1 miles) Half Marathon of Buenos Aires, I decided to connect my passion of documenting learning with my learning experience about running during the training. I am a relative […]

During the Documentation Phase, you might capture different media. Images are an easy and fast way to capture visible and sometimes “not so visible” evidence of learning. As with other media, there are a few things to consider to: protect someone else’s privacy observe digital citizenship etiquette minimize post-documentation editing time and effort Here are […]

There are three phases for the documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning process that Janet Hale and I advocate for in our book A Guide to Documenting Learning. This blog post explores a little the “During Documentation” phase and ways to encourage “capturable” thinking in our students. The actual moment of documentation changes one’s perspective when one is […]

Teachers and schools are dipping their toes into the world of Digital Portfolios. They are using platforms such as  edublogs, Blogger, SeeSaw, Bloomz or Google Sites, to document and archive student work. BUT….the simple act of having digital portfolios for your students doesn’t necessarily mean they are working. The learners need to own them and see benefits […]