This post if meant to be seen through the lens of Looking and Documenting FOR Learning from the perspective of administrators or staff in charge of supporting teachers’ professional development and ongoing learning.

I worked with teachers and administrators this past week at the Bavarian International School in Munich, Germany. Rachel Jackson, teacher librarian (mostly on Twitter) & Kim House, Technology Coordinator (mostly in a TodaysMeet backchannel) did an incredible job in documenting the work over our 3 days together.

Not only did they document what they “heard”, but also

  • curated resources supporting the conversation topic

as well as made specific connections to

  • their school’s culture, questions and concerns
  • previous professional development
  • individual and collective teachers’ mind and skill sets

Kim & Rachel were an invaluable asset to document in the backchannel, giving the school a chance to unpack the documentation to look for learning and use as a stepping stone of what’s next at their school.


How can you use the documentation of professional development as a tool to LOOK FOR LEARNING?

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