by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Photography is one of my hobbies. Over the years, I have had different themes that I try to capture with my lens (ex. doors, faces in nature, trees, etc.) . I believe, when we set out to capture something specific, trying to be creative or giving a twist in the interpretations of a given theme, we become hyperaware of our surroundings and see them, no pun intended, with a different lens. I tried to capture this process of awareness, when I came up with the One Day Blue Challenge to bring attention to the importance of “LOOK” and “CAPTURE” in the Documentation FOR Learningflow routine.

One of my current photography themes is reflection. This past week, I had the opportunity to look for and capture the reflection of trees in a boat ride one of the many creeks here in Florida. As I was enjoying floating on the water, my thinking “drifted” to the other types of reflections, we want our learners to engage in (… and the next step in the Documenting FOR Learningflow routine!)

Sometimes we miss “seeing” these reflections in the moment, unless they are captured and made visible by someone else for us… only then do we actually see the reflection… only then do we actually become aware of connections and potential negative space.

It reminds me of the FedEx logo. It was not until I read Daniel Pink‘s book “A Whole New Mind, where he pointed out the white arrow pointing towards the right that is part of the logo.

I had never been aware of that arrow before, until Daniel Pink had made it visible for me.

Same thing might happen when we reflect on learning. Sometimes it is invisible to us, unless someone else was able to make it visible for us, then it becomes crystal clear and we wonder how we did not see it before?

Documenting FOR Learning is a framework to help make learning connections and negative space visible to ourselves and others. We just have to start LOOKING and CAPTURING learning… become creative photographers of learning!